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18 Gauge 80ft Speaker Wire

18 Gauge 80ft Speaker Wire

Brand: Uninex
Product Code: SPK18100 AA
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18 Gauge 80 Foot Speaker Wire

This 80’ length of 18 AWG speaker wire is covered in a protective PVC coating so it lasts through years of use, pulling, and stress. This wire resists corrosion and degradation even in less than ideal circumstances. It is flexible enough to fit in the tightest of spaces and one wire is clearly marked with a bold white line to avoid polarity confusion once everything is run.

In American Wire Gauge standards, the larger the gauge number, the smaller the wire. Size 18 is the smallest gauge we carry and is ideal for shorter distances. For a single run longer than 20 feet, we recommend upgrading to 16 gauge speaker wire. The 18G-SW-80 is perfect for standard in-home installations and it is fully compatible with speakers, receivers, and wall plates. It can be used with spring clips and banana plugs for the most crystal clear audio. Are you running your cable through the wall or outdoors? We suggest looking at one of our other speaker wire options.

  • 18AWG Bulk Polarized Speaker Wire Spool
  • Flexible clear PVC jacket insures protection and life long security
  • 80 Foot Roll


Proposition 65 warning for California residents

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