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Self-Cam Monopod (Selfie Stick)

Self-Cam Monopod (Selfie Stick)

Brand: Uninex
Product Code: AV131
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Price: $5.99

Self-Cam Monopod Self-Cam Monopod (Selfie Stick)

  • Easy to operate, just set the timer on your photo/video device, extend the rod, and you're ready to take a selfie!
  • Non-slip handle for better grip and obtaining a steady photo/video
  • Fast and convenient secure mounting
  • Unique ball-head for easy adjustment to any angle
  • 180 degree rotation
  • Extends up to approximately 40 inches!


  1. Screw Mounting Bracket on Selfie Stick.
  2. Mount Mobile Phone Device using the Mounting Bracket. With the bracket open, place your phone in the bracket. Gently release the Selfie Stick bracket so your phone is snug and secure.
  3. Access Your Camera App. Using the “Self-Timer” function, set your device on a timer.
  4. Press “Capture” on your mobile phone device, and Smile!
  5. Enjoy taking beautiful self portraits!

Please note: Installation and compatibility varies per device. Please refer to user manuals for your respective device.



Contracted Length: 9.25 in
Full Length: 40 in
Warranty: 1 yr



Proposition 65 warning for California residents

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