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About Us

History & Mission:

Founded in 1989 Uninex has been dedicated to providing the needs of the increasing demand for electrics and energy efficient products, by providing wires, lighting and electronic accessories that power and keep electronics alive so you can maximize their functionality and capabilities. Uninex is headquartered in California’s city of Commerce and has grown from a local business to an international one with factories in China that move 100’s of our products worldwide.

Since 1989 much has changed in the world of energy consumption and electronics, thus our mission has now expanded to include energy and water conservation. Also our light bulbs now glow from Halogen, Solar, CFL and LED sources. Our wires and cables charge your electronics so you can live wirelessly. Uninex offers products that have not only gained enormous popularity but have also given customers their return on investment, within months in some cases, because we continue to prioritize performance and utility. In fact most of our products are UL and ETL listed and meet international standards. This explains why our customer base has grown, as does our dedication to the specific needs of our clients in an ever-changing world of electronic technology and energy consumption.


Our Products:

We prioritize performance and utility. Most of our products are UL and ETL listed, held to international standards. 

We are proud to say that we manufacture and import quality products in the following categories:

Audio & Headphones: Headphones, audio cables, speaker wire, RCA patch cables & couplers, 3.5mm cables & splitters, handheld radios, bluetooth speakers.

Auto Accessories: Booster cables, phone chargers, audio cables & audio kits, non-electrical accessories, cell phone mounts.

Cases Covers and Cellphone Products: Charger USB cables, headphones, bluetooth accessories, cellphone mounts, selfie sticks.

Computer: USB cables, power cables, monitor cables, USB adaptors, surge protectors, headphones, ethernet and cellphone cables, USB light.

Light: LED technology, solar garden lights, CFL lightbulbs, incandenscent lightbulbs, vanity & candelebra, night lights, artistic lightbulbs, rough service incandescent.

Power Managemant: Power strips, power converters, extension cords, timers, surge protectors, wireless remote power outlets, outlet taps. 

Video & Wall Mounts: Wall mounts, video cables, adaptors & couplers, coaxial cables, HDMI cables, RCA, computer monitor cables, antenna & RF modulators.

USB Humidifiers: Bottle cap, flower shaped air humidifier & crystal ball humidifiers.