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4ft Household Extension Cord (White)

4ft Household Extension Cord (White)

Brand: Uninex
Product Code: AC04UL WT
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Price: $2.49

4 Foot Indoor Extension Cord (White Color)

This extension cord is ideal for small appliances, office equipment and lamps operating at less than 13 Amps. It features 3 outlets with rotating safety covers to help prevent accidental shocks. This polarized plug is not intended to be mated with non-polarized outlets (where both slots are the same size).



Color: White
UL Listed: Yes
Safety Covers: Yes
Number of Outlets: 3
Polarized: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year
Length: 4 Feet
Extra Features: Locking/Rotating Safety Covers



Proposition 65 warning for California residents

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